Making a difference

Working in Sustainability and the Purpose Driven Sector can be tough. You have strong views and ideals; you can see what needs to be done but it’s not easy.

How do you achieve success when your colleagues are pulling in different directions? How do you pull a team together when you are all working on line? How can you do a great job when you’re always overworked?

My speciality is helping to relieve the stress and worry which comes from so many demands, by enabling you to work consistently and effectively to realise your potential to bring about significant change for yourself, your team, your organisation, your community and the world


I build strong, motivated, skilled leaders and teams who have confidence and clarity about what they want to achieve and how to achieve it.

This gives you the strength and calm to live your life as you want, rather than merely reacting to what life throws up.

If you want to make a significant impact, you and your team need to be resilient, motivated and energetic. My carefully designed interventions can make that a reality.