When you’ve chosen a line of work that means a lot to you, it’s not motivation that’s a problem, but issues that crop up in the office and with clients. I know this because I’ve always worked in areas I’m passionate about. I found I needed to learn as much about managing and being a team player as I did about developing my professional expertise.

I love a challenge

I love change, it excites me. For me it says ‘opportunity’, ’variety’, ‘growth’. I’ve adapted to life in other countries and cultures – Germany, Austria, Uganda. I’ve been through re-organisation, restructure and redundancy. I’ve been evacuated away from rebel activity with a young family and had to learn new languages and cultures on several occasions. I’ve learned about change from the inside.

I’ve changed my work to fit my circumstances.

  • In Oxford I worked in secondary and adult education
  • In rural Uganda I taught community development and English
  • Back in Oxford I ran a support service for young asylum seekers and refugees
  • In Reading I worked in local government in Sustainability delivering:
    • Communications and behavioural change
    • Support for SMEs in the green economy

I want to help others to experience change as a marvellous opportunity for themselves and others.

Qualifications and Experience

Working as a trainer, facilitator and coach, I give support from a wide range of experience – enabling people working in sustainability, the health sector, the third sector and education to be equipped and resilient to realise their vision.

I have the Professional Certificate in Coaching and Behavioural Change  and an MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change from Henley Business School (University of Reading)

I have two teaching qualifications (Post Graduate Certificate in Education – P.G.C.E. and Diploma in teaching English to Speakers of other Languages – DELTA) along with many years of experience teaching and training.

I am a member of the Association for Coaching

Living my values

I’ve always worked on things which really matter to me – education about climate change , community development, community based health education, support for asylum seekers, teaching English at Secondary and Adult levels. So I know what it’s like to have strong values and be committed to a cause. I’ve also known what it’s like to be held back by not having support and understanding as to how to cope in stressful and changing situations. I want to offer you that support to find your creative solutions.

I try to live a life with a low impact on the environment. That’s why I will turn up to your office on a bike if it’s in Oxford or public transport elsewhere, and why I offer Skype coaching. If I have a suntan it’s more likely to be from working on my allotment than from a ‘sunshine break’.

“I was very impressed with how easy Thalia made it to reach a solution, the method she used helped me to make more sense of the situation and I went away feeling a lot better!”
Heather Somebody, Example person
“Thalia really helped me get the perspective I needed”
‘Thalia is not only expert at helping you get to the root of challenges, but also in helping you identify the tools and ideas to solve them’
Joe Bloggs, business leader