Why Coaching?

If something is holding you back, you haven’t got time to waste. Whether you’re struggling to make a decision about your next career move, unsure of whether you’re really up to your latest promotion, suffering from negativity from a colleague, worried you can’t keep up the balancing act of all the roles you play, you need to fix it quickly and effectively.

Coaching is targeted, quick and effective. You bring your challenges – the things that you find difficult to leave at work at the end of the day –  together we face them and find solutions. You find new confidence and enjoyment at work which then spills over into your life outside work.

There’s lots of good training out there, but when you need something that’s specific for you and will really get to the point quickly, you can’t beat coaching.

What can Coaching help with?

Anything that prevents you from achieving excellence can be brought to coaching. Here are some examples:

Lack of confidence

Difficult relationships – on the board, in a team, with stakeholders

Overwhelm – too much to do, challenges too big

Decision-making – career progression/ restructuring

Work-related stress

            My Approach

I work in partnership with you; you’re the expert in your field, I help you to see yourself and your situation in a new light, so you can find your way out.

Listening to you and asking questions, the things which are holding you back come to light; we identify the underlying causes and find creative ways forward.

I dip in to a wide variety of coaching tools and techniques, but simplicity is often the best way to get to the point and unlock your problem.

You will find relief even before our sessions together have finished, because you know there is a positive way forward and you will be confident that you can get there.