Career Development

You may be in a job that doesn’t fit you any more or you may be unsure what it is you want.
Maybe you are actively looking for work elsewhere or wanting to get into the Sustainability/ Environmental Sector.

If you’re confused about what you really want or about your motivation. If you know what you want but you lack the confidence to get it. I can come alongside and help you think things through and get clear.

I won’t give you advice or find job opportunities for you – there are other people who can do that.

I can help you with your CV and job applications once you’re clear on where you’re going.

A recent client said this after we’d finished working together:

” Working with Thalia has been so beneficial in giving me clarity on where I am and what I am working towards. The sessions have been brilliant at cutting through thoughts I have been going round and round on and finding a solution quickly that seems so obvious!

I not only have greater confidence in the direction I want to move in but also in myself and what I have to offer. “