Remote Coaching

Where do you like to be coached?

Coaching gives you a chance to move on, to change and to develop.

You get to look at your issues, maybe of overwhelm, of confusion, or lack of confidence; areas where what you’re currently doing isn’t getting the results you want, and you find out you can change.

You can take control of your life, manage your time, improve your relationships, build your confidence…all through the ‘magic’ of coaching.

But where do you like to be coached?

For some people it’s booking a room at work, for others they prefer a professional setting, but away from the office, and yet others prefer to get on line, either on a day when they’re working from home, or booking a private space at work.

I travel along the Thames Valley and into London to work, but otherwise, for people further afield, I save the carbon emissions and we meet online.

The furthest afield I’ve coached someone so far was in the Democratic Republic of Congo but I’m happy to ‘travel’ further online.

All you need is a good reliable internet connection and the ability to use a platform like zoom or skype.

If that sounds interesting, why not try an initial meeting for free – just book in via my booking page.