Dynamic Sustainability Team Solution

The Dynamic Sustainability Team Solution takes your Sustainability Team from Middle of the Road to Effective, Resilient and Influential

There are 6 steps:

Assessment: so we all know where we are and what outcomes you want – this means you get the programme and the outcome you want

Direction and Energy: so the whole team knows where they are going and why – this means they can pull together and draw on their values

The Team as Individuals: so the team knows themselves and understands others – this provides a tool to tackle the nitty gritty of team operations, getting on with each other and handling stress

Communicating and Influencing: so there is clarity about the messages going out, who they are going to, how they are going out and above all how to make them effective – this means that the team begins to exert more influence and handle difficult conversations better

Momentum: so the team remains motivated and moving forward – this means that time is managed well, decision-making is good and the team performs consistently

Sustainability: so the team knows how to keep developing after the end of the programme – this means the team has tools to use and the ability to use them which will make the effect of the programme last long after it has finished …. making it ……sustainable!