What, no Christmas Party? Just because you’re self-employed….

Only a certain type of person makes a go of being self-employed.

The people I work with are highly qualified and committed. They’ve got fed up with the 9 to 5 and want the freedom to go their own way.

So far so good, but after a while, most people hit a barrier. I wonder what yours is…Is it how to pick yourself up when you get turned down for a big piece of work? how to really understand your client? how to be sure this is the right thing for you? how to find your confidence?

When you’re self-employed, a coach can be your mirror or sounding board. You need to test things out. You need to have some support while you reflect.

Instead of wasting a day or two every month being unproductive, being sorry for themselves, just answering emails or going through the motions, my clients pick up the phone or get on a call with me and stay on track.

And what about the Christmas party? Well, no-one’s stopping you… Get dressed up, get in some snacks, give a speech thanking yourself for the amazing work you’ve done this year, and if you’re the only one there – why not invite some pineapples?

If you want to keep going at a steady pace in 2019, without all the ups and downs, book an appointment in my calendar and let’s talk about how we could work together.



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