3 questions to ask yourself when you’re snowed under at work

Are you like most people when you reach the point of overwhelm?

Do you do one of these two things?

  • Do nothing because you don’t know where to start
  • Just get going, because at least that will reduce the amount of work there is

Neither of these options will remove the stress of being overwhelmed.

So what can help?

It’s tempting to write a long list – but it will only feed in to one of the two options above.

There are lots of ways to avoid one long list. One way you can use, is to ask of each thing on your mental ‘to do’ list:

  • Will it matter in 3 days time? – if not, find a quick solution or just wait for it to blow over.
  • Will it matter in 3 months time? If so, it is probably worth your attention
  • Will it matter in 3 years time? – Although this is the longest time span, this is where the most important things are. If you include things outside work this could be your relationships with your children, inside work it could be the introduction of a new financial system or revising the vision of the company.

Some people find this process very difficult, they see the logic, but they can’t seem to do it.

A lot of my work involves helping people to get a new perspective, so they can approach things differently and above all, overcome feelings of overwhelm and stress which prevent them from doing their best work. If you think coaching might be helpful for you, or someone you know, email or phone me or book in on my booking page


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