There’s challenge and then there’s being stretched to breaking point; do you know the difference?

Are your thoughts destroying your peace of mind?

It’s Monday in the office, you’ve got a million emails, an important presentation to prepare, a client appointment in the afternoon and one of your direct reports wants to see you, added to which you’re just hoping that your son remembered to take his house key to school because you won’t be there when he gets in this afternoon.

It’s Monday evening at home and you’re trying to cook something healthy that everyone will eat, listening to your son who is not sure he’s chosen the right GCSEs and working on the presentation in your head as you’ll have to finish it later tonight.

It’s Tuesday on the way to work, you’re on the train trying to get ahead with emails but thinking that you barely exchanged a couple of words with your partner last night and making a mental note to spend some more time together tonight.

This kind of life can really take it out of you. You find it hard to sleep and hard to concentrate and you can miss things. You miss that chance comment of your child which might have been a matter of concern, you miss an email because it came in while you were doing something else. Your work and your home relationships suffer because you are always somewhere else in your head. Even if you are strict about coming home on time, your work comes with you in your head if not in your laptop.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Really it doesn’t. If you want sustained success and enjoyment at work and outside work you need to give them both your attention and energy.

You could try better prioritisation, but I know you, you’ll still have a list as long as your arm.

So first think what it is you really want at work – if you’re honest you’ll have lots of things here – it could be a project you’re delivering, it could be to be liked by your team, it could be to be recognised and get promotion and there’ll be more things. Choose the ONE that matters and then prioritise.

Then do the same thing for your life or different parts of your life outside work. Maybe at home your no.1 priority is a happy family – think what you need to do for that to happen – it might mean the odd takeaway instead of cooking, so you have more time to listen.

But really, I have to be honest, prioritisation may not be where it starts for you. I work with so many people in this situation and we work on personal identity or motivation, on time-keeping, on how to make good decisions, on generating confidence, on handling conflict and the list goes on.

Everyone is different, but no-one needs to have their peace of mind sabotaged by their thoughts.

I offer a free 1 hour diagnostic session to anyone who wants to get clear on what is holding them back.

By the end of the session you will have looked at your situation from a new perspective and you’ll  be clear about where you need to direct your attention. It’s then up to you what you do about it and whether you’d like some help not just to diagnose but also to fix the problem.

Book in now and take control of your situation.










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