The Myth about hard work – that you probably still believe

Are you someone who works really hard?

Well, hard work gets results. Is that what you believe? Or is it a myth?

Megan (not her real name) really believed that hard work would get her results. She had a great idea and she set up a lovely business and she worked. She really worked. She was disciplined, she took every minute she could find to work in, but somehow the business just wasn’t taking off. Her strong belief that ‘hard work gets results’ made her try harder.

By the time she came to Thalia Carr Coaching she was confused, disappointed and angry – angry at herself for making what seemed to be a bad choice, angry at her potential clients for not buying her service.

Megan came for some advice and a new strategy, but that’s not exactly what we gave her.

Working together we looked together at everything that she was doing and particularly at her beliefs and her fears. This perspective helped her to see the effect that worry and lack of confidence was having and how she was avoiding some things that could really move her business forward and working hard on things that were not really helping.

Coaching helped Megan to re-set her thinking, she started to take a different approach and step by step her confidence built.

Megan is still working hard but she’s chosen a much more effective route and found the confidence to do the things she was avoiding.

She’s getting some great results, spending less time working and feeling much happier.

Megan came to me for advice, what I gave her was insight and the power to change.

Once she could see how her beliefs, her behaviour and her fears were affecting her she could give herself advice and create a new strategy.

The power to change came from the help I gave her to face her fears and increase her confidence.

So, there is some truth in the saying ‘hard work gets results’, but it is also a myth, it’s not just any hard work. You need to do the right work and do it confidently.

Does this resonate with you? If you’re finding that however hard you work you are still finding things a challenge, contact me – my email and phone number are at the top of the page – and we can have a chat about what might help you to move forward or book your diagnostic session here for a free hour devoted to you and your challenges

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