Is this you? Do you love your job?

You’ve got the job that you want, you get up in the morning positive. You’re good at what you do. You’re comfortable challenging people who you disagree with or who aren’t pulling their weight. There’s no colleague who you feel you can’t have a good working relationship with. You can always find time to plan your day and then work your plan – any interruptions are just light relief and don’t prevent you sticking to your priorities. You are confident that people see your worth and value what you do, and you expect to get promotion when the time is right. And the really nice thing is that your work fits into your day – you rarely need to stay late or catch up with emails at home.

Oh, that’s not you? or only partly? Well, I guess you’re normal then. Most people find that the person that’s really holding them back at work is themselves. That’s why I specialise in helping people to be the one in charge of their lives and rediscover confidence, enjoyment, fulfilment and balance.

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