Is there someone at work who you wish would leave?

No-one expects to be best mates with everyone, but sometimes there’s someone that you just struggle with. It could be someone in your team, someone you manage, or your manager. It could even be someone else and either intentionally or unintentionally it means you’re always on edge.

The trouble is that even just one difficult relationship can affect how you feel at work and if you don’t feel comfortable and confident then work can become unpleasant at best and stressful at worst.

Most people don’t start working with a coach because ‘there’s someone I just don’t get on with’ – it sounds petty for a start and actually the issue that they come with is generally less well-defined – overwork, difficulty prioritising, lacking confidence, questioning ability as a leader.

But it’s really common that relationship difficulties come up and they are not as impossible to fix as you might think. If that surprises you, think around your colleagues, not all of them are letting that person ‘get to them’.

If your goal is to feel confident and comfortable at work even though you have one or more difficult colleagues, let’s talk about how it works.

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