January 10th, 2019

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January 1st, 2019

I’ve set my goal and I did it by answering 4 questions. Maybe as you read my answers, you can... Read More

December 28th, 2018

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December 17th, 2018

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December 7th, 2018

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November 30th, 2018

No-one expects to be best mates with everyone, but sometimes there’s someone that you just struggle with. It could be... Read More

November 16th, 2018

Emma (not her real name) spent Wednesday in responsive mode. Well, to tell the truth, she’d probably spent most of... Read More

November 9th, 2018

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November 2nd, 2018

I used to know a manager, let’s call him Bob, who people would criticise behind his back for spending far... Read More

October 26th, 2018

Saying ‘no’ to new demands is one way to reduce the pressure and stalling for time by saying ‘let me... Read More

October 19th, 2018

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October 3rd, 2018

    When the workload increases, you work harder – so far so good, but what if the workload keeps... Read More

July 20th, 2018

  Years ago I shunned adaptation. I saw a great job advertised, I had all the skills and experience, it... Read More

June 5th, 2018

Some of my clients are really not sure where to start when they come for coaching. They’ve had some priorities... Read More

May 29th, 2018

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May 14th, 2018

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May 2nd, 2018

  I meet a lot of people who are unhappy with their work situation but when I ask them what... Read More

April 16th, 2018

It’s always interesting to see who opts for coaching and who doesn’t. Let me tell you about Sam (not his... Read More

April 3rd, 2018

You’re back at your desk and despite your best efforts to clear everything before your break it feels like you... Read More

March 29th, 2018

You’ve been working hard, maybe extra hard as you know you’ve got a long weekend, maybe longer, away from work... Read More

March 13th, 2018

Are you someone who works really hard? Well, hard work gets results. Is that what you believe? Or is it... Read More

February 8th, 2018

Connections How important are connections? We’ve all heard ‘no man is an island’ but sometimes we act as if that... Read More

January 26th, 2018

  The chances are that members of your team are not owning up to the mistakes they make. Why don’t... Read More

December 18th, 2017

If the short, dark, cold days are getting you down, it can be tempting just to ‘wait for Spring’ for... Read More

November 23rd, 2017

Why is working in Sustainability sometimes such a drag? I wonder what you were expecting when you started your career... Read More

October 25th, 2017

  Everyone’s got a view about ‘work life balance’, personally I don’t like the term as it seems to imply... Read More

October 16th, 2017

The great thing about my job in sustainability is …….the amount of influence I can have. I can have an... Read More

September 26th, 2017

Sustainability consultants – have they just swapped the frying pan for the fire? Working in sustainability is tough at the... Read More

August 17th, 2017

What do you as a Sustainability professional REALLY want? And has it changed? Have you lost your mojo? So you... Read More

July 24th, 2017

There was a time, maybe long ago, maybe more recent, when the CEO and senior managers decided on the values... Read More

June 26th, 2017

  There’s a special kind of person who works in the Sustainability sector but does that mean there are special... Read More

September 15th, 2016

Knowing how you prefer to work can be really helpful. You can work to your strengths and watch out for... Read More

September 18th, 2015

We’ve all been there. We may not  have actually taken out our anger on the person but we’ve wished to.... Read More

September 1st, 2015

So it’s September, not the beginning of the year but somehow, having started a new school year in September right... Read More

July 10th, 2015

Amelie Mauresmo sported a t-shirt with the slogan ‘Make Your Own Luck’ for Andy Murray’s big game at Wimbledon. But... Read More

May 1st, 2015

https://www.2degreesnetwork.com/groups/2degrees-community/resources/this-infographic-breaks-down-business-impact-workplace-well-being/ Reading research like this reminds me why I got into coaching. Coaching starts off with being about the success... Read More

“I was very impressed with how easy Thalia made it to reach a solution, the method she used helped me to make more sense of the situation and I went away feeling a lot better!”
Heather Somebody, Example person
“Thalia really helped me get the perspective I needed”
‘Thalia is not only expert at helping you get to the root of challenges, but also in helping you identify the tools and ideas to solve them’
Joe Bloggs, business leader