3 Ways to Make the Best of your Break

You’ve been working hard, maybe extra hard as you know you’ve got a long weekend, maybe longer, away from work coming up, but will your break refresh and re-invigorate you?

If you spend the whole time organising and entertaining – whether that’s your friends, your relatives or your children – you could be returning to work after the break for a rest!

See if you can fit in these 3 things this time and notice the difference.

  1. Tune in to your body. Take some calming exercise, ideally outside, and do it mindfully. Feel the sun (if you’re lucky), the wind, the rain on your skin and in your hair. Enjoy the movement in your body whether it’s walking or gardening, swimming, running or cycling.
  2. Tune in to your mind. Take 15 mins each day to be quiet and see what’s happening in your head. This could be meditation – letting the thoughts arise and go, or journaling – writing down the thoughts that come. You might even want to draw or paint the thoughts and feelings that arise.
  3. Re-connect with the person or people you want to. This could be a quiet evening in with your partner, a really focussed time with your children, a good long phone conversation with an old friend, an evening down the pub with some friends.


Book those things in now – either in your diary or mentally and make the most of the time away from work.

Why do I as a coach working to improve effectiveness at work, talk about holidays?

Because how you are at home affects how you are at work and vice versa. That’s why coaching sometimes spills into ‘personal’ areas because there’s only one of you, though you may play different roles.

If you’re interested in how that plays out in a coaching conversation, set up a conversation with me on the bookings tab or drop me an email.


















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