Why Coaching?

In any organisation whether a company, a school, a health provider or a charity you can find yourself alone with high expectations on you. The corporate world has long understood the benefit of coaching to provide a sounding board, a way to access your creativity, a tailor-made development programme. If you need to meet financial targets, develop and deliver your corporate plan and do so efficiently I can help you to do so. I can work with your managers and senior leaders to tackle issues with all your stakeholders – the board, staff, customers, trustees, employees or volunteers. I give support with time management, delegation and restructuring.

My Approach

I believe that you are the expert in your field and that, with support from me, you can find ways forward of which you are currently unaware. My approach is to listen carefully to you and together to uncover the things which are holding you back, looking for underlying causes and finding creative ways forward. I believe that change is not only inevitable but also healthy. I have experience in using a wide range of coaching tools and techniques to help you make breakthroughs in your thinking. I do not have a ‘one size fits all’ approach as everyone is unique.