Remote Coaching

Remote coaching is perfect for you, if you live a long distance from my base in Oxford, if you want to avoid any travel for yourself or if you don't want to be restricted to being coached in a specific place.
You'll get everything you would get from management or one to one coaching but using zoom or skype. More Details

Dynamic Sustainability Team Solution

The Dynamic Sustainability Team package has been put together as a result of research, experience and skills to meet the specific needs of Sustainability Teams to make a significant difference. It includes 6 steps: Assessment, Direction and Energy, Team as Individuals, Communicating and Influencing, Momentum and Sustainability More Details

Team Development

I offer interactive workshops to enable teams to be effective. We consider all the vital elements to ensure that your team is working well when they are together and also when they are apart - delivering the results which you all want. More Details

Management coaching

This is the most targeted development programme there is because we cover what you need to cover and only that. Issues such as time-management, communicating well and managing difficult direct reports can be addressed professionally and enable you to improve your performance and achieve greater satisfaction at work. More Details

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

MBTI is the worlds’ most popular personality assessment. It is one way of understanding yourself and others better. I help individuals and teams to discover their type and to know how that can help them at work. I also offer follow up sessions to build on the initial learning. More Details

One to one coaching

Working one to one coaching exactly fits your needs. You get time to reflect on your work in an open non-judgemental space. We discover together how you can increase your happiness, effectiveness and productivity at work. More Details

“I was very impressed with how easy Thalia made it to reach a solution, the method she used helped me to make more sense of the situation and I went away feeling a lot better!”
“Thalia really helped me get the perspective I needed”
‘Thalia is not only expert at helping you get to the root of challenges, but also in helping you identify the tools and ideas to solve them’